Generally Speaking

Lyric Writing for Songwriters is a cooperative group of music creators from all levels of accomplishment, from beginner to prolific professional. I (Phil Manning) launched it originally in 1993 as the Songwriters Workshop, it sprouted as an appendage of my recording studio business L.B. Music in Courtice, Ontario. A number of my clients suggested that I should initiate and moderate a writer's group structured around the lyric coaching I had been providing them. Initially the groups ran for eight weeks and were limited to ten participants per group. I was approached by Durham College in Oshawa to present the class as part of the college's offereings, to which I agreed for a time. The college classes were larger and less intimate although deemed successful and valuable. The group was also run remotely as far away as a Mississauga music store and condensed workshops and seminars were presented at music conferences and symposiums. I also sat on a number of jurys and discussion panels in the company of respected industry experts.

This website has been set up to document the origins and history of "Lyric Writing for Songwriters" as well as promote it's re-introduction for 2015. The website will also serve as a depository of resources, status reports and participant progress. Feel free to contact me at the studio if you think you might like to participate in the new Lyric Writing for Songwriters group or if you have any other inquiries. This website is incomplete and remains "under construction". Kindly disregard all of the "placekeeper" links and text. If you're a songwriter at any level you should have no problem recognizing these.

A Short History

In the early 1980s I had acquired some simple recording equipment and some MIDI instruments with a mind to making demos of songs I had floating around in my noggin. I was also creating MIDI accompanment tracks for live performance. A few of the demos turned out nicely and, as a result, a number of artists picked up my songs for their recordings. In due course some folks asked me where I had recorded my demos. Hearing that I'd done them in my apartment with limited equipment, folks began to ask me to produce demos of thier original works. I enjoyed doing so, but I found some obvious weaknesses in their song structures and offered some suggestions to improve on their lyric. This was positively recieved and subsequently I began to recieve requests to teach, assist and collaborate on other people's lyrics. When my primary gig as a heavy equipment mechanic came to an abrubt end with the recession of the early 1990s, I pretty much fell into recording and song-doctoring as my main (though hardly lucrative) gig. At some point a number of clients asked me to consider moderating a lyricwriting workshop or group. This became "The Songwriters Workshop" and later "Lyric Writing for Songwriters". The group morphed into an 8 week course which eventually moved from my studio premises in Courtice to Durham College and eventually included remote locations as far away as Mississauga. I also conducted seminars and workshops on various subjects and sat on a number of panels and jurys. In 2002 my life took a change that led me away from the studio and back into the entertainment business in the area of large event support. A dozen years later and now I've eased off a bit with career demands and I'm now relaxing back into my first love, music creation, production and performance. I've got a hankerin' to start writing again and so I decided to dig out all my old material and work my way through it with a mind to getting re-acquainted with the world of the wordsmith.

To get an idea of what "Lyric Writing for Songwriters" was all about, click here and peruse some of my old promo, info and seminar materials as a .pdf.

Phil Manning