How it Works

In its beginning, the writers group met weekly for eight weeks. I had been coaching my clients on specific lyric-writing priciples and methodology. For the sake of creating a structured eight-week course, I chose what in my mind were eight of the most important foundational principles. At each meeting I would present one of the principles, including distribution of prepared notes, and then have a group excercise followed by a discussion of our results from the exercise. Participants were encouraged to work on developing their comfort with that principle or concept over the next week, where we would review it before moving on to the next subject. My intent was to provide solid valuable substance in the form of foundational writing principles. I believe we enjoyed success in both the eight week courses and the seminars and workshops I conducted.

There's Always Room For Improvement

Three shortcomings became apparent with the eight-week course delivery. The first was that it was virtually impossble to find 10 people who could commit the same time slot for eight succesive weeks. If someone was absent for a week, I would certainly provide them with the prepared notes and even an audio recording of what we had covered, but they really missed out on the valuable group interaction, and were unlikely to absorb the principle covered as well as if they'd attended the meeting. They might not absorb it at all. Second, There's so much more then eight principles to lyric writing, but the opportunity to examine any more than that was not available in an eight week course. Thirdly, and perhaps most impotantly, there was the greater value of many minds working collaborativly to sharpen each other's skills. This was just beginning to build momentum when at eight weeks it just ended with no accomdation for the group to continue meeting.

Introducing Lyric Writing for Songwriters 2.0

This time around I hope to continue with same effective delivery of great substance, but also take it a step further. Instead of an eight-week course, or a course duration of any kind, we'll be meeting as a group every other monday evening at 7:00pm beginning January 12, 2015. The format will be the same but the subject matter will be unlimited. I will immediately begin to develop more weekly subjects which will be cycled so that participants can join the group at any time and will sooner or later work through all of the subjects on the cycle. Foundational principles will be repeated more often for the sake of new participants and valuable review for those who started earlier. I believe this method will cover off all three of the shortcomings of the first go-round.

Particiapation and Membership

Initially, perhaps permantly, participation is free. If hosting and moderating becomes a financial burden I might consider some form of group membership with annual dues or perhaps a flat per-meeting fee. Participants are encouraged to suggest direction of the group including improvements to the format, subject matter covered and so on. If you plan on joining the group, please contact me to let me know you're coming and to receive directions and some preparation instructions.