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Lyric Writing for Songwriters is a cooperative group of music creators at all levels of accomplishment, from beginner to prolific professional.

This website has been set up to document the origins and history of "Lyric Writing for Songwriters" as well as promote it's re-introduction for January 2015. The website will also serve as a depository of resources, status reports and participant progress. Feel free to contact me at the studio for more information.

This website is incomplete and remains "under construction". Kindly disregard all of the "placekeeper" links and text. If you're a songwriter at any level you should have no problem recognizing these.

Join Us!

We're commencing at 7:00pm on Monday January 12, 2015 in Pickering. We'll meet every other week after that. There's no fee. If you think you might like to participate in the new Lyric Writing for Songwriters group just contact me to get directions and preparation instructions.

To get an idea of what "Lyric Writing for Songwriters" was all about, click here and peruse some of my old promo, info and seminar materials as a .pdf.

Phil Manning

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