Questions you should probably ask, and my best answers

Q. Will your writers group make me into a successful writer?
A. No. Only you can make you into a successful writer, whatever that is. The purpose of this group is to provide a thoughtul, intentional vehicle for developing or improving your writing skills. It will present principles, methods, strategies and disciplines which, when engaged, will produce better lyrics. Your colleagues in this group will also be your motivators, collaboraters, a friendly jury and a forum of sober yet constructive criticism.

Q. How did you figure out all the stuff you teach? Like, did you invent all your own ideas, or what?
A. Initially there were just alot of glaring weakness I was noticing in some of the lyrics I was encountering, not just with my clients' works, but with commercially released stuff that I heard on radio and other media. I created a few rules or "filters" for my own songwriting and it triggered a personal fascination for what makes a lyric strong. Later I encountered some articles on lyricwriting which lead to some other printed resources. I just kind of dug unto the mechanics of good lyric writing as a personal interest thing.

Q. Why are you hosting and moderating this group for free? Didn't this used to be a paying gig for you?
A. Yes, providing this service used to supplement my income. Now, I'm doing it because I want to. Besides, I haven't spend decent time and energy on my own songs over the last few years and I thought this would be a fun way to get back in the game.

Q. But if you already know so much about lyric-writing, why do you need a group to get back in the game?
A. I've come to realize that a vacuum is not a good place to create. (neither is a washing machine or a toaster for that matter...) I now understand that meeting regularly with different people who have common interests and goals is vital to checking progress, developing ideas, feeding the muse and sourcing great practical feedback. My lyric-writing will absolutly benefit from regular interaction with like-minded folks, all of us being on the same journey together.